Before getting started, make sure to add all the variant images to the product itself via Shopify admin product detai. 

Follow the steps below to arrange variant images:

1. Go to product details page on Shopify admin and click 'Clever Product Variants' under 'More actions':

You will be redirected to the Clever app Image Arrange page.

2. Select the option which should be used for image selection.

3. Assign images to variants as per your preferences.

4. Hit Save

5. Switch 'ON' the variant selector for this product.

6. After 3-4 seconds check the product page on Shopify. The images should be displayed based on the selected variant.


Variant images will be displayed in the order they are setup in your Shopify product details page. Changing the order of images in Shopify admin will automatically sort the variant images on the storefront.